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Facts Matter (Feb. 3): FDA Suddenly Removes Data On Moderna Vaccine Approval Which Showed 2.6x Heart Inflammation


According to a new study that just came out of Johns Hopkins University, researchers found that the lockdown policies around the world have had little to no effect on COVID mortality. And when you factor in the negatives that the lockdowns brought—such as joblessness, depression, suicide, and so on—they concluded the lockdowns were, by far, a net negative. Meanwhile, The Epoch Times found a fascinating document on the FDA’s website. That document explained the FDA’s rationale for authorizing the Moderna vaccine—and within the body of that document, they mentioned that the instance of myocarditis was significantly higher than previously reported. However, when we reached out to the FDA for comment, instead of commenting, they just deleted the document from their website. Lastly, while I was in Texas, I had the opportunity to speak with Steven Hecht, editor-at-large at the Impunity Observer, and we discussed how American policies, and specifically, the actions of Joe …  » Read full article

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