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Facts Matter (Feb. 8): Study Finds Lower IQ In Post-Lockdown Babies; 364% Surge In Toddler Speech Therapy Referrals


A speech pathologist says she is seeing a 364 percent spike in the number of babies and toddlers that are being referred to her due to impediments with their speech. And according to her, the prime culprit is the mask mandate. Meanwhile, in Michigan, a high school student was suspended for discussing his Christian beliefs with other students. And on the CDC website, there is a new study that shows that, once the Omicron variant became the most prevalent strain of the virus spreading in America, the efficacy of the vaccines went down in terms of both the infection rate, as well as the hospitalization rate. Resources: ? Sekur (promo code: Roman) https://ept.ms/3yW0Wul ? Children: https://ept.ms/3LnjAC4 https://ept.ms/3oBV4Uh ? CDC Report https://ept.ms/34qvxGE https://ept.ms/3srgkwX ? Michigan: https://ept.ms/3gBdAYt ? University Puts Trigger-Warning On George Orwell’s ‘1984’ https://ept.ms/3GB9sSW https://ept.ms/3LkKlHj ? Feminist 1984: https://ept.ms/3susV2o Stay tuned for our newsletter so you won’t miss out on our exclusive videos …  » Read full article

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