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Facts Matter (Jan. 7): CDC Signals Changes To COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule, In Part To Address Heart Inflammation


The CDC recently released a statement, in which they signaled that a change is coming to their COVID vaccine schedule in order to mitigate the number of people who are experiencing heart inflammation after getting the COVID vaccine. Meanwhile, scientists who are working with Oxford University claim to have just discovered a new, highly transmissible and much more damaging strain of HIV in the Netherlands. And furthermore, in South Africa, a new study found that a woman suffering from HIV, who also had COVID-19 for nine months, saw the virus develop at least 21 mutations while in her body. Meanwhile, Moderna started their first clinical trials for an mRNA-based HIV vaccine. Resources: ? AMAC: https://ept.ms/3sriXyK ? CDC Shifting: https://ept.ms/3GvxuhX https://ept.ms/3oz2Iid ? Full CDC Video: https://ept.ms/3Bjeqml ? Netherlands HIV: https://ept.ms/3oSQOzZ https://ept.ms/3ovjQ8g ? South Africa HIV: https://ept.ms/3ryaXNn ? Moderna Clinical trial: https://ept.ms/335nCxV Stay tuned for our newsletter so you won’t miss out …  » Read full article

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