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Facts Matter (Jan. 7): Rejects FDA Request, Gives Agency 8 Months To Produce Pfizer’s Safety Data


After several months of legal back-and-forth in the courtroom, with the FDA requesting up to 75 years to release all of their vaccine safety-related documents, a federal court has just ruled against them. Instead, that judge said the FDA has only eight months to release all of their Pfizer vaccine safety data—meaning that we might actually see it by August of this year. Meanwhile, India’s state medicine agency has announced that they’ve discovered “major safety concerns” surrounding the COVID pill produced by Merck—and they have now pulled it from their national protocols. And those safety concerns are not minor. The agency said they include: defects in developing fetuses, permanent damage to cellular DNA, as well as damage to a person’s bones and muscles. And this is all despite the fact that the Merck pills are not only approved for use in America but also, the Biden administration has just signed …  » Read full article

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