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Facts Matter (May 19): White House Admits It Lied About Vaccines; Study Shows 49% Of Biden’s Followers Are ‘Fake Accounts’


After falsely claiming on Twitter that there was no vaccine before Joe Biden took office, the White House had to issue a retraction and set the record straight. Oddly enough, their original false tweet is still up—without any labels from Twitter.
But, in an ironic twist of fate, that might be alright, because a new analysis conducted by Newsweek showed that almost half of Biden’s Twitter followers are actually fake accounts, and so that false tweet might be reaching a lot fewer people than you’d expect.
And if that’s not enough, maybe the newly formed Disinformation Governance Board can work to fact check the White House claims—or, at least they would have been able to, if that agency wasn’t just placed on an indefinite pause….  » Read full article

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