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Fear During Pandemic More Significant Than The Virus Itself: Psychiatrist Mark McDonald


As we pass the two-year mark of when the pandemic started and assess the impact COVID-19 and mandates have had on public health, psychiatrist and author of “United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis” Dr. Mark McDonald says the “pandemic of fear” has been far more significant then COVID-19 itself.
“I know that the pandemic of fear has been singularly far more important than any core medical viral crisis that we’ve been informed about from the very, very beginning,” McDonald told host of American Thought Leaders Jan Jekielek during a recent interview.
“If you actually look at raw data in terms of deaths, looking at the CDC’s own data, 94 percent of all of the recorded deaths were of people who were suffering from three or four significant, serious comorbidities, and the average age of death actually exceeds the average lifespan of the American citizen.”
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