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Florida Lawmakers Aim To Extend Protection To Hospitals In Treating COVID-19; Lawyers Object


Florida lawmakers plan to vote Wednesday on whether to extend a law that makes it difficult to sue health care facilities for their treatment of COVID-19. The law that’s set to expire, unless the legislation passes to extend it, also protects facilities from being sued by patients who become infected with COVID-19 in the facility. But lawyers say granting medical providers continued immunity puts Floridians at risk of receiving substandard medical care. Florida is one of many states across the country that has enacted or tried to enact laws to shield medical professionals from liability related to COVID-19. All 50 state governors were urged to put the protections in place by the federal government shortly after the pandemic began nearly two years ago, according to the American Medical Association (AMA). In Florida, the original measure, passed last year, gives health care providers protections until March 29. But lawmakers now seek …  » Read full article

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