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“Found Some Glitch”: Man Drives Off In Stranger’s Tesla


“Found Some Glitch”: Man Drives Off In Stranger’s Tesla

In Vancouver, Canada, a man who owned a Tesla opened the door of a Model 3 parked in a supermarket lot with his smartphone app. He got into the car and drove to a nearby school to pick up his kids. However, he later realized he had accidentally taken someone else’s Model 3.

According to Rajesh Randev’s statement to Global News, he noticed a stranger’s Tesla parked beside his own car, which happened to be the same model and color. He then used his Tesla smartphone app to unlock the vehicle and drove away. 

During his drive to pick up his kids from school, Randev began to realize that something was amiss.

“I was able to get access, a hold of that person’s car but while I start driving it, I realized there was a crack on the windshield,” he said.

So he called his wife to ask why and she did not know. He also noticed his charger was not where he usually had it.

Then this happened:

“After, five, 10 minutes I got a text on my phone that said ‘Rajesh are you driving Tesla?'”

He said the person who messaged him told him he was driving the wrong Tesla.

It was only after he parked that Randev noticed the wheels were different from his car. He then called the person who messaged him and they realized he had taken the other person’s Tesla.

Surprisingly he was able to get back into the and met up with the owner. Randev said he did not know how it happened. 

“We were both laughing and I called the police as well,” he added. “The police said they have my statement but they cannot give me a file number because nothing happened but if something does happen to let them know and they will investigate.”

“Apparently, I found some glitch,” Randev said.

Tyler Durden
Wed, 03/15/2023 – 12:22

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