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Frontline Attorney In COVID Crisis Calls Biden Out On WHO ‘Power Grab’


An Ohio attorney at the forefront of the national COVID-19 debate says President Joe Biden’s proposal to shift power to the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare viral pandemics is a legal ploy to circumvent the United States Constitution.
“I think that’s absolutely what this is. This isn’t as simple as giving up our sovereignty. This is a very complex legal move,” said Attorney Thomas Renz in an interview with The Epoch Times.
“This is horrendous. To even propose something like this is mindblowing,” Renz said.
Renz is the lead attorney in several significant cases brought in Ohio, New Mexico, Maine, and nationally, regarding forced COVID-19 vaccines, illegal lockdowns, big-tech censorship, questionable death numbers, and other pandemic-related issues….  » Read full article

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