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Government Control Led To Lack Of Monoclonal Antibodies, Says Medical Supplies CEO


The head of a medical supplies company involved in the distribution and supply of monoclonal antibodies across southeastern and northeastern regions of the nation, told NTD in a Jan. 12 interview that government takeover of the monoclonal antibody supply chain has exacerbated backlogs and shortages. “The way the products are being distributed right now, relying on the government to determine who gets what, that process can be very lengthy in terms of time,” Dealmed CEO Michael Einhorn said. As a result, physicians are reporting “surpluses in certain areas, not enough in other areas” which has fueled frustrations when critical patients are not receiving antibodies for COVID-19 infections. While it’s unclear how the monoclonal antibodies are being rationed among states, Einhorn said that “commercialization” of these products should be allowed, so that infusion centers that need them can order in products based on “patient volume.” “If they have oversupply they wouldn’t order more,” …  » Read full article

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