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Governors Who Opposed COVID Lockdowns See Margins Of Victory Rise In 2022


In the 2022 midterm elections, governors who opposed prolonged pandemic lockdowns and quickly allowed their states to reopen had an easier time winning reelection than they had in the 2018 elections.
In Tuesday’s midterm elections, governors Brian Kemp of Georgia, Ron DeSantis of Florida, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Kim Reynolds of Iowa, and Jared Polis of Colorado all easily secured their reelection bids, triumphing by an average of 18.1 percentage points.
The anti-lockdown governors’ wide victories contrasted sharply with their closer wins in 2018, when the same five candidates prevailed by an average margin of 3.7 percentage points.
Among them, DeSantis stood out with a victory margin of 19.4 percent in his reelection in 2022 compared to 0.4 percentage points in winning his first election for governor four years ago….  » Read full article

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