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Growing Number Of States Changing How They Report COVID-19 Hospitalizations


An increasing number of states and municipalities are changing how they report COVID-19 hospitalizations, cases, and other data, signaling a shift in how policymakers healthcare workers view the CCP virus. For example, in New Hampshire, the state reported seven COVID-19 hospitalizations, down from about two dozen reported during the previous week. Officials said the drop reflects a change in the statewide reporting policy. In an announcement Tuesday, the state Department of Health and Human Services said it now defines a COVID-19 hospitalization to include patients who are being treated with either dexamethasone or remdesivir, which is employed to treat patients with severe or moderate symptoms. Individuals hospitalized with milder symptoms or for another reason but incidentally tested positive for the virus are not being counted, officials said. In another sign that the pandemic is shifting, the Indiana Department of Health on Wednesday released new COVID-19 dashboards that will be updated fewer times per …  » Read full article

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