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Has Big Tech Been Censoring China Sensitive Topics?


Alleged big tech censorship of faith-based groups and critics of the Chinese Communist Party could be hindering the ability of e-commerce enterprises to function after two Australian women found their Facebook and Instagram business pages temporarily blocked. Ariel Tian, a young jewellery designer with a growing celebrity clientele, who is also a religious refugee from China, has been left pondering whether her Instagram account was temporarily blocked because she revealed the source of her inspiration for her designs came from her faith in a practice targeted for “eradication” by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Tian is the founder and designer of Yun Boutique, whose jewellery has been worn by celebrities at New York Fashion Week (two years in a row), celebrated at events for the Golden Globes, and seen in television shows like WB’s Charmed reboot, to name a few. Celebrities have also been photographed wearing Tian’s jewellery, such as Emmy award-winning …  » Read full article

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