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Here We Go Again: NYC Enters ‘High’ COVID-19 Alert Level, Health Chief Warns Public To ‘Cover Nose And Mouth’



Americans may be putting COVID-19 behind them as the federal government relaxes unconstitutional mandates.

COVID has virtually disappeared as a major concern for Americans, according to a newly published Pew survey.

But as the next federal election nears, we can expect Democrats to ramp up COVID-19 fear-mongering to widen their prospects of successfully stealing it again.

The New York City Health Department transitioned the Big Apple into a “high” COVID-19 alert level on Tuesday and urged the public to return to wearing masks in indoor venues.

While masks are unhygienic and do nothing to block the transmission of aerosols like coronavirus, Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan is imploring New Yorkers to stay “safe” by wearing dirt rags across their faces again.

“Regular home testing and wearing masks indoors, especially while cases rise, is the best way to keep yourself and your community safe,” Vasan tweeted.

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