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Here We Go: WHO Says New Covid Variant ‘XE’ Found In UK Could Be The Most Transmissible Variant Yet



According to the World Health Organisation’s latest report, a new Covid-19 variant, a recombinant of the BA.1 and BA.2 Omicron strains, has been found in the UK.

The new variant called “XE” was first detected in the United Kingdom on January 19, and over 600 cases have been reported since then.

“The XE recombinant was first detected in the United Kingdom on January 19 and over 600 sequences have been reported and confirmed since,” WHO said in its weekly epidemiological update last Month.

“Early-day estimates indicate a community growth rate advantage of ~10% as compared to BA.2, however this finding requires further confirmation,” WHO said.

“XE belongs to the Omicron variant until significant differences in transmission and disease characteristics, including severity, may be reported. WHO continues to closely monitor and assess the public health risk associated with recombinant variants,

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