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How An Attorney And A Holocaust Survivor Stopped Vaccine Passports In Orange County, California


California and New York were the first areas in the country to take steps toward vaccine passports last year. New York City implemented it, but Orange County didn’t, thanks to the efforts of human rights Attorney Leigh Dundas and holocaust survivor Vera Sharav. Dundas is leading some of the nation’s most notable efforts to counter the vaccine mandates, which are regarded by many as unconstitutional and encroaching on civil liberties. She played a key role in the prevention of what she considers a Nazi-type “show your papers” framework. She is the lead organizer of Nationwide Walkout, as well as the principal author and signer of a letter to the FAA that asks them to medically flag all vaccinated pilots, since, according to the letter, the federal agency is violating its own rules concerning flying after taking new medication. Dundas went to USC law school and after she graduated at age 21,  » Read full article

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