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How To Invest During A Recession


The U.S. economy fell into a technical recession following back-to-back quarters of negative GDP growth in the first half of 2022, as rampant and broad-based price inflation affected businesses and consumers.
As economists and market analysts look ahead to 2023, they agree that the country will begin to experience the real pain of an economic downturn. While experts can debate the size and scope of an economic contraction, how can households and investors shield themselves from the storm clouds? This is what many people would like to understand.
Defensive Stocks
First, which sectors should be on an investor’s radar?
This past spring, Goldman Sachs released its recession manual to help prepare clients for a downturn. The document noted that in the five recessions since 1981, the top four sectors have been consumer staples, energy, health care, and utilities….  » Read full article

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