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Human Trafficking: Cartels Exploit Chaos At Southern Border; Helping Young Victims


Human trafficking for sex and labor is rampant at the southern border. The chaos of mass illegal immigration is giving cartels the green light to sell people for sex and labor. We hear all about it from former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott. And in America Q&A, we ask what people across the country think the role of Border Patrol should be. Then, what’s it like to live the horrific reality of trafficking—especially sex trafficking as a child? Survivor now advocate Andi Buerger shares her story with us. She’s the founder of Voices Against Trafficking. We also speak with Alma Tucker, who supports trafficking survivors on both sides of the border. She’s the founder of International Network of Hearts based in San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. Finally, in our second America Q&A, we ask what people know about the reality of human trafficking in the United States. If you’re a …  » Read full article

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