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‘I Feel Guilty’ – Dad Feels Guilty After 10-Year-Old Son Died Following COVID-19 Vaccination



In a viral video, a father from Ireland said that he felt guilty after his 10-year-old son died following the Covid-19 vaccination.

According to Sean Eile, his youngest son received the Covid-19 vaccine on January 15. On January 31, his son suffered from a fatal heart issue while playing at his school. After spending time at the hospital for a couple of days, his son died.

The doctors refused to acknowledge any causal relationship between his son’s death and the Covid-19 vaccine.

“We have been told, No, it’s nothing to do with the vaccine because it only happened once.’ I don’t know,” Eile said.

Infowars reported:

In a solemn TikTok video, Sean Eile describes how the Covid-19 vaccine given on January 15 almost led to his son’s death two weeks later.

“Everyone in the house is vaccinated.

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