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‘Immoral And Corrupt’: New Documentary Sheds Light On Alleged Dangers Of Roundup Weed Killer


With thousands of consumers alleging their cancer and other diseases were caused by Roundup weed killer, a new documentary is shining light on the issue with testimony from experts and witnesses.
The documentary, titled “Children of The Vine,” by filmmaker Brian Lilla is currently being screened across the country in hopes of sparking further dialogue on the alleged harm caused by the herbicide product.
During the 1.5-hour film, which can be viewed exclusively through screenings held by Lilla’s nonprofit dedicated to the issue, numerous experts claim the dangers of Roundup, specifically one of its ingredients, called Glyphosate. The experts said the product causes cancer, chronic health issues, and other deadly diseases, and that it has been found in breast milk….  » Read full article

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