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In Hong Kong The Unvaccinated Now Banned From Shopping Centers, Wet Markets, Mass Transit, Churches, And Get Togethers With Family



Is China punishing Hong Kong?  Since China took over the tiny country over the past few years, individual rights have disappeared using COVID as the rationale for taking freedoms away from Hongkongers.  Now they are making it so the unvaccinated are treated as second-class citizens and banned from shopping malls, shopping centers, and wet markets.

The Standard reports on the tyrannical news coming out of China led Hong Kong:

Only vaccinated Hongkongers will be able to enter shopping malls, wet markets, supermarkets, and churches under a “vaccine pass” scheme to launch on February 24, Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor announced on Tuesday.

The government will also ban people from having cross-family gatherings involving more than two households in private premises, Lam said.

Earlier, the government had announced that unvaccinated people will be banned from entering a list of regulated premises including restaurants,

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