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INEXCUSABLE: CDC Director Walensky Blames Over-Optimism For Her False Claims That The Vaccine Is 95% Effective (VIDEO)



CDC Director Rochelle Walensky visited St. Louis on Thursday to advocate for public support for continued Covid-19 mandates and restrictive health measures.

Unsurprisingly, she flouted the city’s mask mandates as she made her way around town.

CDC Director Walensky Was In St. Louis Thursday and Didn’t Appear to Know When to Wear a Mask and When Not To

The Covid-theater performance came as cities and states across the country, including St. Louis, are in the process of easing mask and vaccine restrictions because of immense public pushback and the now-predominant Omicron variant, which is much milder than previous strains of the virus.

Nevertheless, Walensky stuck with the fear-porn and stressed that the CDC is ready for another Covid pandemic (watch out midterms) to hit the US.

During Wallensky’s stop in The Lou,

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