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It Begins: German Hospital Announces It Will No Longer Treat Russian Or Belarusian Patients


Didn’t we just see this play out in Germany about 80 years ago?
About a century ago Germany started burning Jewish books, then rounding up Jews, then sending them off to death camps.

Russian citizens in Moscow

On Friday the On Iatros Clinic in Bavaria announced it will no longer treat Russians and Belarusians.
If you’re Russian, don’t get sick.

Today it’s the Russians. Tomorrow its AfD party members.

RTL News reported (translated from German):

A strong statement in support of Ukrainian war victims – that’s what it should be. But a letter from the Munich Iatros Clinic created a shitstorm instead of feelings of solidarity. The Bavarian private clinic in Munich had announced that it would no longer treat Russian and Belarusian patients. The clinic management followed up on huge criticism with another statement.

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