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Iversen: Omicron Hype ‘Makes No Sense’


Is the panic surrounding the Omicron variant overblown? That’s the question journalist and political commentator Kim Iversen asked on the latest episode of The Hill’s “Rising.”

Iversen noted how after news outlets reported on the new variant, the stock market fell, countries closed down their borders and travel bans were placed on South African countries.

“Doctors treating Omicron patients in South Africa [are] saying the variant presents with such mild symptoms that the hype makes no sense,” said Iversen.

South African Health Minister Joe Phaahla accused countries that enacted travel bans and closed borders of “knee jerk reactions.”

The chairwoman of the African Medical Association, which is currently monitoring patients who have the Omicron variant, said the variant “presents very mild disease … with no prominent symptoms” other than a “slight cough.”

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