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Joe Rogan Rips Bill Gates: “You’re Giving Out Health Advice And You’re Sick”



Joe Rogan unloaded on Bill Gates during an episode of his podcast the Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan blasted Gates for pushing health advice on the American people while being extremely unhealthy himself.

Rogan said, “How are you giving any health advice when you look like that?”

Rogan also questioned if Bill Gates making money off the advice he pushes on the American people.

Watch (Warning: language):

“When a guy like that says that…I’m like are you making money because of this? Like why are you saying that? By the way, you look like sh*t. If you are eating those plant-based burgers or whatever the f*ck you’re doing. You’re obese. A guy like that telling people about…he has got these breasts and this gut and I’m like this is crazy you are one of the richest guys on earth.

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