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Kari Lake Election Fraud Lawsuit Goes To Trial; Says Pronouns Are “I/Won”


Kari Lake Election Fraud Lawsuit Goes To Trial; Says Pronouns Are “I/Won”

An Arizona judge ruled that two out of 10 claims brought by Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake could proceed to trial. The judge, who declined to dismiss her case, is allowing Lake to prove “intentional misconduct,” meaning that she must prove that printer malfunctions were intentional and affected the outcome of the election.

Katie Hobbs attempt to have our case thrown out FAILED,” Lake wrote on Twitter following the decision. “She will have to take the stand & testify.”

At least 70 voting centers in Maricopa County experienced ballot printer issues on Election Day, which caused tabulation machine errors. The county has acknowledged that the 70 vote center had issues. Meanwhile, a group of roving GOP attorneys found that 72 out of 115 vote centers they visited had issues

Meanwhile, recently disclosed internal communications between Maricopa County officials revealed a discrepancy of almost 16,000 ballots – while the governor’s race was decided by a margin of a little more than 17,000 votes.

Last week, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge approved a request by Lake to inspect random ballots from the county in order to prepare for a potential trial.

In addition to proving that the machines were intentionally broken, Lake will also have to show that a lack of chain of custody was “both intentional and did in fact result in a changed outcome,” according to Democrat lawyer Marc Elias.

On Sunday, Lake tweeted: “I identify as a proud election denying deplorable,” adding “And my pronouns are I/Won.”

Just the News has noted several other undisputed issues with the Arizona election, including;

2. As of two days after the election, there was a nearly 16,000-ballot discrepancy between the outstanding ballot counts estimated by Maricopa County and the Arizona secretary of state’s office. “Unable to currently reconcile SOS listing with our estimates from yesterday,” Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer wrote in a Nov. 10 email. The county estimated 392,000 ballots left to be counted, while the secretary of state’s website said there were 407,664 ballots left. “So there’s a 15,000 difference somewhere,” Richer concluded.

3. Maricopa County’s Election Day issues prompted Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office to send a letter to the county inquiring about “first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law.” The AG’s office asked the county about ballot printer issues, difficulties checking voters out so they could cast their ballots at another vote center, and the commingling of non-tabulated ballots in Door 3 of the tabulation machines with tabulated ballots. Maricopa County responded that while the election problems were “regrettable,” the number of ballots affected by printer issues were “fewer than 1% of ballots cast” and “every lawful voter was still able to cast his or her ballot.” 

4. Hobbs’ office threatened the Mohave County Board of Supervisors with possible felony charges if they didn’t certify the election by Nov. 28. Two of the supervisors on the board voted to certify the election “under duress.”

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Tyler Durden
Tue, 12/20/2022 – 11:25

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