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Lara Logan Quitting Big Tech, Accuses It Of ‘Glorifying’ Pedophile Content


Journalist Lara Logan has announced that she intends to quit big tech social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, accusing the networks of allowing pedophilic content to be shared while censoring free speech and alternate perspectives. The award-winning journalist asserted in a Feb. 4 social media post that she cannot “in good conscience” be part of platforms that “glorify & enrich themselves” while exploiting children. Discovering that these platforms host content showing abuse and sexual exploitation of children as well as animals was a “shock,” Logan said. “I had no idea such a depraved ideology was being pushed on this scale or the insidious ways the worst of humanity is normalized, promoted & quietly glorified by the same platforms who censor free speech from truckers, doctors, naturalists, vaccine injured & so on. It’s wrong,” Logan said in another post while adding that she plans on moving to Locals, Gettr, or any other …  » Read full article

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