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LAWRENCE SELLIN: Billions Go From US Taxpayers -> NIH -> US Universities -> Scientists In China -> Chinese Military



Retired Colonel Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D., was on The Joe Hoft Show at Real Talk 93.3 yesterday and he dropped some bombs on the origins of COVID and China’s and the US’s involvement.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D., shared an article at The Gateway Pundit yesterday where he asked about Johns Hopkins University’s actions related to COVID and the CCP.  Here is his article.

Sellin: Is Johns Hopkins University Conducting Its Own Biowarfare Foreign Policy with the Chinese Communist Party?

Sellin then joined Joe Hoft at Real Talk 93.3 and discussed the origins of COVID and this piece in particular.  Here are some comments from that discussion:

[COVID] was certainly man-made in a laboratory in China. There’s no question about it and in my opinion, it was part of China’s biowarfare program.  You only need to look at the structure of the virus itself because it has a number of unusual features that are not found any bat coronavirus in which COVID-19 could have evolved.

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