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LAWRENCE SELLIN: China’s Military May Be Making A New Human-Infecting Coronavirus Deadlier Than COVID-19



China’s military may be making a new human-infecting coronavirus deadlier than COVID-19

China caused the COVID-19 pandemic by artificially manipulating the structure of a natural bat coronavirus to make it infectious to humans.

It appears that China is now repeating that process with a far deadlier coronavirus.

There was much concern expressed in the international media recently about a potentially more transmissible and more lethal coronavirus called “NeoCoV,” described in a January 25, 2022, scientific article published by Chinese scientists from Wuhan University.

NeoCoV is a member of a group of coronaviruses, one of which caused the 2012 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak that killed 34% of the approximately 2,500 people it infected.


According to the Chinese authors, NeoCoV binds, not just to the bat DPP4 receptor found in most MERS coronaviruses,

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