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Live Panel: How Independent Journalism Is Breaking The Control Of Big Tech And Corporate Media


In a time where social media is censoring critical information, solid journalism from the news media is the last bastion of hope. But who can the faith community turn to and trust to report the news fairly and accurately? How do we find out about the stories that matter, and what can we do to support such companies and organizations? Join Joshua Philipp, host of Crossroads, for the Truth-Driven Journalism in an Era of Censorship panel at the NRB Convention 2022. Livestream starts at 6 p.m. ET Wednesday on this page. Moderator: Matthew Faraci, Founder and President, Inspire Buzz Panel Participant: Joshua Philipp, Host of Crossroads at Epoch Times, The Epoch Times Panel Participant: Christopher Dolan, President and Executive Editor, The Washington Times Panel Participant: Christopher Ruddy, CEO, Newsmax Media Panel Participant: Phil Boyce, Senior Vice President/Spoken Word Format, Salem Media Group  » Read full article

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