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Manhattan Judge Denies Emergency Order For NYC Hospital To Give Ivermectin To Deathly Ill Covid Patient



A Manhattan judge will not force a hospital to give a deathly ill Covid patient the life-saving drug Ivermectin after the man’s wife sued for the treatment.

According to court documents, Benjamin Chernyavsky has been on “death’s doorstep” since getting Covid last month and Mount Sinai Hospital is refusing to give him Ivermectin.

Chernyavsky’s wife, Erika Quintero-Sherry, filed a lawsuit against Mount Sinai Hospital on January 26 seeking an emergency order to have Ivermectin given to her husband.

After hearing testimony from two Mt. Sinai doctors, Manhattan Supreme Court justice Lynn Koller said she would not grant an emergency request to force Mt. Sinai to give Ivermectin to the deathly ill Covid patient based on Quintero-Sherry’s “paltry” evidence the treatment should be given against the recommendations from doctors.

Benjamin Chernyavsky contracted the virus on Jan.

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