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Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bill To Audit Billions Flowing To Ukraine


Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Bill To Audit Billions Flowing To Ukraine

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is planning to introduce a bill which forces an audit of the tens of billions of dollars in aid the United States has handed over to Ukraine. The announcement came just on the eve of the Ukraine invasion hitting the one-year mark.

“It’s going to force Congress to give the American people an audit,” Greene told Tucker Carlson in an interview Thursday night. “And that is exactly what the American people need, an audit of Ukraine, because we have no idea where all this money’s going.”

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She’s introducing a resolution of inquiry in the House on Friday, which is a method to formally request information from the executive branch, according to The Hill.

“I’m introducing this resolution, and I’m looking forward to seeing my Republican colleagues support it,” Greene said. The move is motivated in large part, she described, due to growing concerns that the White House and US military’s ever-deepening involvement in Ukraine will spark a world war.

She called Biden “so disconnected with what the American people want that they are literally going to lead us into World War III.”

“There’s not bipartisan support among the American people for fighting a war in Ukraine that does nothing for Americans except force them to pay for it,” Greene added. Indeed many die-hard supporters of Ukraine have complained about “Ukraine fatigue” now gripping much of the American public.

According to a number of recent opinion polls, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say there should be a limit to US support given to Kiev, or else it should be halted altogether.

Greene’s resolution also comes after Pentagon officials have themselves admitted that accounting for where US weapons end up once they enter Ukraine is very difficult. The Pentagon currently has a task force in place, consisting of limited numbers of officers and troops, which are on the ground attempting to track serial numbers and provided limited oversight of shipments.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, and close political ally of Greene, has also submitted a “Ukraine fatigue” bill which has divided Republicans’ response…

Recently Greene charged that when it comes to Democrats and their policies, “The only border they care about is Ukraine, not America’s southern border.” She pledged of the new GOP-led House that “Under Republicans, not another penny will go to Ukraine. Our country comes first. They don’t care about our border or our people.”

However, Republican leadership is still composed primarily of hawks who have been generally supportive of Biden’s steady trickle of aid packages and weapons for Ukraine, including tanks, yet have only voiced concerns over not wanting a ‘blank check’. 

Tyler Durden
Fri, 02/24/2023 – 17:20

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