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Maryland Governor Launches COVID-19 Booster Cash Lottery Incentive


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Tuesday a $2 million cash lottery system to incentivize people to get their COVID-19 vaccine boosters. Hogan announced VaxCash 2.0 Promotion, a lottery incentive system that will dole out a total of $2 million in cash prizes to 12 randomly-selected Maryland residents who receive their booster shot. The initial draw will be $500,000 to take place on Feb. 15. After that, there will be weekly prizes of $50,000 for ten weeks. The final prize will be awarded on May 3 when a COVID-19 vaccine-boosted Maryland resident will be awarded $1 million. No registration or entry is needed, according to Hogan’s office. State residents 18 and older who have had their primary COVID-19 vaccines, as well as their booster shot, are eligible to be in the drawing for the cash prizes. According to Hogan’s office, Maryland is one of the most vaccinated U.S. states with 90 percent …  » Read full article

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