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Merck Sees 2022 Sales Up Nearly 20 Percent, Mostly On New COVID Pill


Merck & Co said on Wednesday it expects its 2022 sales to increase as much as 18 percent over last year, mostly on sales of its new COVID-19 pill, molnupiravir. The drugmaker said sales of the COVID-19 drug were $952 million in the fourth quarter, and it expects another $5 billion to $6 billion in molnupiravir sales in 2022. Merck developed the antiviral pill—and shares the profits equally—with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics. Merck Chief Financial Officer Caroline Litchfield said in an interview it is possible molnupiravir sales could top those estimates, which are based on already signed supply agreements for around 10 million treatment courses of the drug. Merck still expects to produce 30 million treatment courses of molnupiravir by the end of the year, she said. “Depending on how the pandemic plays out, could there be upside to this?” Litchfield said. “Yes, we’ve got the supply to provide more product to …  » Read full article

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