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Metaverse Will ‘Trap Us in Virtual Reality’ and Position Zuckerberg as ‘World’s Largest Landlord’


Facebook’s parent company has a new name — metaverse.

And according to Mark Zuckerberg, the company also has a new mission: to be “the successor to the mobile internet” and a “virtual environment where we can hang out, shop and work.”

But journalist and political commentator Emily Jashinsky has a different take on Zuckerberg’s metaverse.

“One of the most powerful companies in human history is planning to trap us in virtual reality,” Jashinsky said.

Jashinsky told viewers of The Hill’s “Rising”:

“Zuckerberg is rapidly positioning himself to be the world’s largest landlord, and he is using the same utopian language he used 15 years ago to convince everyone that Facebook would be a global force for good.”

Jashinsky said the difference between now and then is “now we know he wields his power to make us angrier, lonelier, dumber, less healthy and more addicted…

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