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Mexican Authorities Refuse To Allow Americans Aboard Cruise Ship To Disembark In Puerto Vallarta After 21 *Fully Vaxxed* Crew Members Test Positive For Covid



More than 1,000 Americans aboard a cruise ship were not allowed to disembark in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico due to a Covid outbreak among fully vaccinated crew members.

21 *fully vaccinated* crew members tested positive for Covid prompting Mexican authorities to turn the vessel away from the port.

“Puerto Vallarta from our veranda. Mexican authorities won’t let anyone off our cruise ship, Koningsdam.Some crew members (fully vaccinated) tested positive for Covid. Ship is headed back out to sea.” One of the American passengers said in a Facebook post.

According to another passenger aboard the MS Koningsdam, they were scheduled to be at sea on Christmas Day and return to San Diego, California on Sunday.

The Daily Mail reported:

More than 1,000 American passengers will spend Christmas Day stuck aboard a cruise ship after authorities in the western Mexico state of Jalisco blocked them from disembarking because 21 crew members have tested positive for COVID-19.

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