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‘Military Leadership Is Failing Us’: Unvaccinated Marine Officer Who Was Denied Religious Exemption Speaks Out

An unvaccinated Marine Corps officer is sounding the alarm, saying that the denial of religious exemptions for the Defense Department’s (DoD) COVID-19 vaccine mandate which went into effect in August is a direct assault on the rights of service-members everywhere, and may be part of a larger effort to purge the military of conservative-leaning Christians. The Epoch Times spoke to Major Lewis Paul (a pseudonym), who has served in the Marine Corps for almost 20 years. Paul spoke to the publication on the condition of anonymity, fearing reprisals. He explained the process of seeking a religious accommodation, indicating that each request travels up the chain of command, with the final decision made at Headquarters Marine Corps. That decision, he said, is based on a recommendation from the three-member Religious Accommodation Review Board which then forwards requests to Lt. Gen. David Ottignon, the Deputy Commandant of Manpower and Reserve Affairs, for …  » Read full article

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