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Mother Who Confronted New York City Mayor Adams Over Toddler Mask Mandate Fired From City Job



An angry mother-of-three on Monday confronted New York City Mayor Eric Adams over his mask mandate for toddlers.

Recall, Adams and NYC Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan recommended the toddler mask mandate remain in place last week.

The toddler mask mandate was ordered to remain in place after a back-and-forth in court on Friday.

Daniela Jampel, who worked for the city as an attorney, crashed Adams’ press conference on Monday to air her grievances over the extended mask mandate for 2-4 year olds.

“Three weeks ago, you told parents to trust you that you would unmask our toddlers,” Jampel said to Adams.

“You stood right here, and you said that the masks would come off April 4. That has not happened,” she added.

.@NYCMayor lied parents.

He told us to “Trust me,

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