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New Normal: Football Star Alphonso Davies Develops Myocarditis – Will Be Out For Weeks



Bayern Munich defender Alphonso Davies won’t be able to play in Canada’s upcoming World Cup qualifiers after he was diagnosed with mild myocarditis.

Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann revealed that Alphonso Davies developed a mild sign of myocarditis after he returned from training following a period of isolation. Davies’ contracted COVID-19 and has not played since December.

Alphonso Davies to miss upcoming 2022 international window for FIFA World Cup Qualifiers#CANMNT 🍁 https://t.co/J0E7QGvZwf pic.twitter.com/3UviWeT6zs

— Canada Soccer (@CanadaSoccerEN) January 14, 2022

“Yesterday, during our follow-up examination that we do with every player that has had Covid-19, we detected signs of mild myocarditis, i.e. an inflammation of the heart muscle,” says Nagelsmann in a news conference. “He has stopped training for now,

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