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New York Will Mandate Masks For Children Under 5 Years Old


New York Mayor Eric Adams has said that the city will mandate that 2- to 4-year-old children must continue wearing masks after a judge issued an order in favor of his administration. “Every decision we make is with our children’s health and safety in mind. Children between 2 and 4 should continue to wear their masks in school and daycare come Monday,” Adams, a Democrat, wrote on Twitter on April 1. The announcement comes after State Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio struck down the city’s mask order for young children earlier that day. However, an appellate court issued a stay in the lower court’s ruling, allowing the mask mandate to remain intact amid the appeals process. Porzio said the mandate was “absurd” after it was lifted for children aged 5 and older and characterized it as “arbitrary, capricious, and unreasonable.” That ruling was handed down in response to a lawsuit from a …  » Read full article

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