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Newsom Caught In Huge Lie: Cameras Capture Maskless Newsom Hugging Magic, Contradicting His Claim He Only Removed His Mask For A “Brief Second” To Take Photo



Gavin Newsom has some explaining to do.

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Sunday was spotted with Magic Johnson in a suite at the 49ers-Rams football game at SoFi stadium in Los Angeles without a mask on.


Earlier Monday morning, a reporter asked Newsom about the maskless photo and he nervously stumbled through a list of excuses.

“I was very judicious yesterday, uh, very judicious. And you’ll see the photo that I did take, um where Magic was kind enough, generous enough to ask me for a photograph,” Newsom said Monday morning.

A Fox 11 reporter pressed Newsom and asked him if he shouldn’t have taken a maskless photo given his history of getting caught violating Covid rules (French Laundry).

“I was trying to be gracious and took the mask off for a brief second,” Newsom said stopping just short of admitting he made a “mistake.”

Now this…

Later Monday afternoon a video of Newsom surfaced contradicting his claim that he only removed his mask for a “brief second” to take a photo with Magic.

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