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NIH Reveals Wuhan Lab Partner EcoHealth Alliance Committed More Grant Violations


The nonprofit that funneled United States grant money to a high-level laboratory in China committed a slew of violations, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealed this week. EcoHealth Alliance was non-compliant with eight different portions of a written agreement it entered into with the U.S. government, NIH informed the group in a letter sent last week that was made public recently by Republicans on the House Oversight Committee. EcoHealth failed to allow access to the Wuhan lab’s records and financial statements, report inventions created at the lab, or certify that the requirements imposed by it on the lab to make sure the funds were used in accordance with U.S. laws and regulations, among other failures, said Dr. Michael Lauer, an NIH deputy director. “EcoHealth has demonstrated a history of failure to comply with several elements of the terms and conditions of grant awards not only for these active awards, but …  » Read full article

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