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NYC Mayor Denies Accusations Of Being Lobbied To Nullify Vaccine Mandate For Local Athletes


New York City Mayor Eric Adams denied accusations about economic groups lobbying for different sports teams intending to end the NYC vaccine mandates for athletes in order to let games resume normality. Adams, a Democrat, on Thursday said that all private and city workers will still need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, but athletes and performers will be not be subjected to the same rule anymore. Adams asserted that there was no financial pressure from the Yankees, Mets camp, or other groups during an appearance on FOX5. Economic groups didn’t tell him “we need to make this happen,” he maintained. “What our economic team has been doing is stating, ‘How do we turn around our economy?'” “That’s why we did the outside dining, that’s why we lifted the determination of must-have the vaccine inside the restaurants. We listen to people and stated we’re going to do this at the right time …  » Read full article

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