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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Fires 1,430 City Employees For Refusing The COVID Vaccine



Scratch a liberal, find a fascist.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams fired 1,430 city employees on Monday who refused the COVID vaccine.

The list included 36 police officers, 25 firemen and 914 employees from the Department of Education.

Hard to believe someone could be worse than De Blasio.

But Eric Adams has done it. https://t.co/pPmNICBD1W

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) February 15, 2022

The New York Post reported:

The number had dropped considerably by last Friday’s vaccine mandate deadline as more employees submitted proof of getting at least one shot, City Hall officials said.

At one point last week, officials estimated that 4,000 were on the chopping block.

The number then dropped to around 3,400 — and then to 1,430 firings, officials said.

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