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NYTimes Bitcoin Hit Piece Backfires As #StopThePresses Movement Erupts On Social Media


NYTimes Bitcoin Hit Piece Backfires As #StopThePresses Movement Erupts On Social Media

Authored by Mark Jeftovic via Bombthrower.com,

Backlash spotlights newspaper’s ecological hypocrisy .

What happens when America’s purported “paper of record” promulgates an unabashedly biased hit piece against Bitcoin’s so-called “climate impact”, replete with shoddy reportingwrong datalogical fallacies and even doctored photographs?

The New York Times murders 60 million trees every year.

The public, fed up with being spoon-fed increasingly nonsensical propaganda under the guise of “news” turns the spotlight back on the outlet, highlighting the New York Times very real destruction of habitats, ecosystems and life giving, carbon reducing trees.

Via a piece on TheBtcTimes website, and through the @NYTimesUP twitter account, the #StopThePresses movement erupted over the weekend, drawing attention to several inconvenient truths about how the New York Times print edition gets made:

27 tree slaughterhouses grind, pulp and purée approximately, 60 million trees each year. Trees absorb C02, so that’s 60 million less all natural carbon capturing beings, butchered annually,  just to be defiled with agitprop; read once, and then unceremoniously disposed after.

The public has had enough. Left unchecked, America’s newspaper industry could consume every tree on the planet by the year 2040.

Make your voice heard and tell your congressman that something needs to be done about this unrepentant, climate killing juggernaut.

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Tyler Durden
Wed, 04/19/2023 – 04:33

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