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Parents Of Gender Dysphoric Teens Oppose Proposed Standards Of Care For Minors


Some parents of gender dysphoric children are outraged over proposed new standards of care that push for the use of puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and gender reassignment surgery for minors. In the past, the minimum age requirement for these treatments has been 18, but some activist groups and medical professionals have recommended lowering the age requirement to 14 or younger. The parents are concerned that new standards of care proposed by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) reflect the wishes of certain transgender activists and affiliated doctors—not the concerns of most medical professionals. WPATH standards of care are widely used as accepted guidelines in California, sources told The Epoch Times. Public comments were allowed on their new Version 8 of their standards of care until Jan. 16, according to the organization’s website. The final document is expected to be released in the spring. One parent, who goes by the …  » Read full article

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