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Parents Worry More About Children’s Learning Loss Than COVID-19 Risks: Poll


After two consecutive school years marks by on-and-off school closures and online instructions, most American parents now worry more about their children falling behind academically than potentially getting COVID-19 at school, according to a new survey released Friday. The survey was conducted by Pew Research Center among 2,241 American parents with children in K-12 from Jan. 24 to 30, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points and a 95 percent confidence level. The respondents were asked how much do they care about the possibility that students will fall behind academically without in-person instruction. According to Pew, 64 percent of respondents said they care “a lot” about their children struggling academically. When the same question was asked in February 2021, it was at 60 percent. Fifty-four percent of parents said the same thing in July 2020. Meanwhile, when asked how much they worry about the “risk …  » Read full article

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