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Penn State Employee: Medical Privacy Has Taken A Back Seat During The Pandemic


Penn State University Reference and Instruction Librarian Sarah Hartman-Caverly holds privacy in high regard. That is why she has not disclosed her vaccination status to her employer. She says vaccination mandates should stimulate a public conversation about medical and digital privacy. She works at the Berks County campus of Penn State University. Penn State required employees to be vaccinated by Jan. 4. Employees who did not get vaccinated face disciplinary actions including termination for some, depending on their job classification. “I’m actually now involved in kind of two noncompliance procedures,” Hartman-Caverly, a privacy scholar, told The Epoch Times. “The first is related to the vaccination mandate which is somewhat on pause due to the nationwide injunction, and the second noncompliance procedure is related to mandatory surveillance testing for employees who have not disclosed their vaccine status.” Because she will not disclose her status, the university assumes she is unvaccinated. Hartman-Caverly …  » Read full article

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