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Physician Faces Losing License After Contradicting Mainstream Pandemic Narratives


A Georgia physician, who presented his comments about COVID-19 vaccines and masks in a local school board meeting last August, is now under investigation and could lose his emergency doctor certification. He joins a growing list of health experts who risk being censored and even losing their licenses if they publicly say what isn’t widely medically accepted. William Ray Lynch Jr., M.D., is a physician with an active Georgia medical license and is board-certified in Emergency Medicine, and who has witnessed past outbreaks including Hep B&C, HIV, H1N1 influenza A (swine flu), and now COVID-19. Lynch made several statements about COVID-19, vaccines, and masks at the Cherokee County school board meeting on August 19, 2021. Lynch presented scientific reports regarding the lack of scientific data to support masks mandates, and on how COVID vaccinations need complete FDA approval and should not be mandated by the government or the Board of …  » Read full article

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