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Playing The ‘Long Game’: People’s Convoy Organizers Pledge To Continue Efforts To End National COVID Emergency


HAGERSTOWN, Md.—Organizers of the “People’s Convoy” have vowed to continue pressing for an end to the national COVID emergency, saying they were in it to play the “long game.” During speeches at a March 26 rally in Hagerstown, Maryland, co-organizers Brian Brase and Mike Landis said that spending a few days away from Hagerstown Speedway, an auto-racing venue and the temporary campground of truckers, helped bring new perspectives to their missions. “Being home solidified my reasoning for being here,” Brase said of his short break back home in Ohio over the previous weekend. “It reminded me that I’m doing this for my children.” “I know that as a human being walking this earth, no government, no company, no one may violate my God-given right!” Brase added. The co-organizer said he would be happy if he could help ten Americans to notice “the big picture of what’s going on.” He encouraged …  » Read full article

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